Early New Netherlands Settlers

Jacob <Jan> Buys

30 November 2014

Generation 1 1. Jacob <Jan> Buys (Rn=83084), son of Jan <Jacob> Buys (Rn=27477) and Seytje <?> ? Buys (Rn=52076), who was born about 1712 and died before 23 June 1740 at Piscataway, Middlesex County, New Jersey at 28 years of age. He married about 1738 Neeltje <Thomas> Bowman Buys/Fonteyn (Rn=73115), who was born May 1715 at Raritan, Somerset County, New Jersey and died after 1755 at Conewago Colony, Adams County, Pennsylvania at 40 years of age, daughter of Thomas <Jacob> Bowman (Rn=79070) and Neeltje <Cornelis> Vanderhoven Bowman (Rn=79069). First Residence- Piscataway, Middlesex County, New Jersey. Source [Early Settlers of Bushwick by Andrew J Provost Junior page 68] Source [RootsWeb: WorldConnect: db=joosten] Source [RootsWeb: WorldConnect: db=morrvoort] Child of Jacob <Jan> Buys and Neeltje <Thomas> Bowman was as follows: + 2. i. Seytje <Jacob> Buys La Forge (Rn=83083), who was born about 1741 and married Nicholas <Nicholas> La Forge (Rn=83082). Generation 2 2. Seytje <Jacob> Buys La Forge (Rn=83083), who was born about 1741 at New Jersey. She married Nicholas <Nicholas> La Forge (Rn=83082), a son of Nicholas <Jan> La Forge (Rn=83080) and Rachel <?> ? La Forge (Rn=83081). Source [RootsWeb: WorldConnect: db=morrvoort] Children of Nicholas <Nicholas> La Forge and Seytje <Jacob> Buys were as follows: 3. i. Neeltje <Nicholas> La Forge was baptized 22 November 1761). 4. ii. Nicholas <Nicholas> La Forge was baptized 22 January 1764). 5. iii. Jacob <Nicholas> La Forge was baptized 29 December 1765). 6. iv. Rachel <Nicholas> La Forge was baptized 17 April 1768).