Early New Netherlands Settlers

George <William> Chambers

17 July 2013

Generation 1 1. George <William> Chambers (Rn=45338), son of William <?> Chambers and Mary <?> ? Chambers, who was born 28 July 1807 and died 01 December 1859 at 52 years of age. He married 11 May 1828 Hannah <John> Simonson Chambers (Rn=45337), who was born about 1803 and died 11 September 1847 at 44 years of age, a daughter of John <John> Simonson (Rn=22175) and Nancy (Ann) <Paul> Mercereau Simonson (Rn=45334). Source [Record: October 1984 page 226] Children of George <William> Chambers and Hannah <John> Simonson were as follows: + 2. i. Mary Ann <George> Chambers Ditton (Rn=45441) and married Robert <?> Ditton (Rn=55613). 3. ii. Margaret A <George> Chambers Wells {?}. 4. iii. Gertrude S <George> Chambers. 5. iv. George W <George> Chambers. 6. v. William P <George> Chambers. Generation 2 2. Mary Ann <George> Chambers Ditton (Rn=45441). She married Robert <?> Ditton (Rn=55613). Source [The Simonson Families by Elmer G Van Name 1959 page 12] Child of Robert <?> Ditton and Mary Ann <George> Chambers was as follows: 7. i. John P <Robert> Ditton.