Early New Netherlands Settlers

Walter <?> Clarke

27 January 2017

Generation 1 1. Walter <?> Clarke Governor (Rn=975), son of ? <?> Clarke (Rn=652) and ? <?> ? Clarke (Rn=55660). He married Freeborn <Roger> Williams Hart/Clarke (Rn=974), who was born 1635 at Salem, Massachusetts Bay Colony, a daughter of Roger <?> Williams (Rn=2902) and Mary <?> ? Williams (Rn=60742). Occupation 1- Governor of Rhode Island. First Residence- Rhode Island. Child of Walter <?> Clarke and Freeborn <Roger> Williams was as follows: + 2. i. Hannah <Walter> Clarke Rodman (Rn=973) and married Thomas <John> Rodman Doctor (Rn=1988). Generation 2 2. Hannah <Walter> Clarke Rodman (Rn=973). She married 1691 Thomas <John> Rodman Doctor (Rn=1988), who was born 26 December 1640 at Barbadoes, West Indies and died 1727 at Newport, Newport County, Rhode Island at 86 years of age, a son of John <?> Rodman (Rn=1978) and Elizabeth (Ann?) <?> ? Rodman (Rn=63002). Children of Thomas <John> Rodman and Hannah <Walter> Clarke were as follows: 3. i. Hannah <Thomas> Rodman. + 4. ii. Clarke <Thomas> Rodman (Rn=953), who was born 10 March 1669 and married Ann <Daniel> Coggeshall Rodman (Rn=49768). 5. iii. John <Thomas> Rodman. + 6. iv. Samuel <Thomas> Rodman (Rn=865), who was born 1703 and married Mary <Thomas> Willett Rodman (Rn=1540). 7. v. Patience <Thomas> Rodman. 8. vi. William <Thomas> Rodman. Generation 3 4. Clarke <Thomas> Rodman (Rn=953), who was born 10 March 1669 at Newport, Newport County, Rhode Island and died 30 August 1752 at 83 years of age. He married 03 January 1717 Ann <Daniel> Coggeshall Rodman (Rn=49768). First Residence- Newport, Newport County, Rhode Island. Children of Clarke <Thomas> Rodman and Ann <Daniel> Coggeshall were as follows: 9. i. Walter <Clarke> Rodman was born 1719) (married 1739) [? <Abraham> Howland]. 10. ii. Mary <Clarke> Rodman was born 1722). + 11. iii. Joseph <Clarke> Rodman (Rn=853), who was born 20 February 1724 and married Mary <Francis> Miller Rodman (Rn=50672). 6. Samuel <Thomas> Rodman (Rn=865), who was born 1703. He married 16 March 1723 Mary <Thomas> Willett Rodman (Rn=1540), who was born about 1705 and died 21 May 1751 at 46 years of age, a daughter of Thomas <Thomas> Willett Colonel (Rn=1851) and Charity <Robert> Field Stevenson/Willett (Rn=22931). Children of Samuel <Thomas> Rodman and Mary <Thomas> Willett were as follows: 12. i. Thomas <Samuel> Rodman was born 1724). 13. ii. Ann <Samuel> Rodman. 14. iii. Charity <Samuel> Rodman was born 1728). 15. iv. Samuel <Samuel> Rodman was born 1730). 16. v. William <Samuel> Rodman was born 1732). 17. vi. Elisabeth <Samuel> Rodman was born 1736). 18. vii. Ann <Samuel> Rodman. Generation 4 11. Joseph <Clarke> Rodman (Rn=853), who was born 20 February 1724. He married 06 June 1745 Mary <Francis> Miller Rodman (Rn=50672). Children of Joseph <Clarke> Rodman and Mary <Francis> Miller were as follows: 19. i. Anna <Joseph> Rodman Carpenter was born 1746 and died 1834) {Caleb}. 20. ii. Mary <Joseph> Rodman was born 1747 and died 1750). 21. iii. Hannah <Joseph> Rodman Mitchell was born 1749) (married 1767) {William <Richard>}. 22. iv. Clarke <Joseph> Rodman was born 1750 and died 1838) [Abigail Lawton]. 23. v. Mary <Joseph> Rodman was born 1752 and died young).