Early New Netherlands Settlers

Silas <?> Cooke

15 July 2013

Generation 1 1. Silas <?> Cooke (Rn=1461). He married ? <?> ? Cooke (Rn=56189). First Residence - - Montville, Morris County, New Jersey. Child of Silas <?> Cooke and ? <?> ? was as follows: + 2. i. Frances Julia <Silas> Cooke Bennett (Rn=1338) and married Richard Remsen <Wilhelmus> Bennett (Rn=1330). Generation 2 2. Frances Julia <Silas> Cooke Bennett (Rn=1338) and died 1864. She married about 1850 at New York Richard Remsen <Wilhelmus> Bennett (Rn=1330), who was born about 1825 at New York and died 1866 at 41 years of age, a son of Wilhelmus <John> Bennet (Rn=4841) and Catherine <?> Remsen Bennet (Rn=53527). Religion 1 - - Reformed Dutch Church, Gravesend, Kings County, New York. Children of Richard Remsen <Wilhelmus> Bennett and Frances Julia <Silas> Cooke were as follows: 3. i. Silas Cooke <Richard> Bennett. + 4. ii. Charles Carrore <Richard> Bennett (Rn=1324), who was born 15 September 1851 and married Elizabeth <Daniel> Van Brunt Bennett (Rn=1296). 5. iii. Clarence E <Richard> Bennett. Generation 3 4. Charles Carrore <Richard> Bennett (Rn=1324), who was born 15 September 1851 at New York. He married 18 September 1873 at New York City Elizabeth <Daniel> Van Brunt Bennett (Rn=1296), who was born 02 August 1854 at New York, a daughter of Daniel <Jaques> Van Brunt (Rn=2533) and Mary <Cornelius> Bergen Van Brunt (Rn=2536). Occupation 1 - - Farmer. First Residence - - Bay Ridge, New Utrecht, Kings County, New York. Second Residence - - Hamilton, Madison County, New York. Source [The Bergen Family by Teunis G Bergen 1876 page 358] Children of Charles Carrore <Richard> Bennett and Elizabeth <Daniel> Van Brunt were as follows: 6. i. Julia Cooke <Charles> Bennett was born about 1874). 7. ii. William Remsen <Charles> Bennett was born about 1876). 8. iii. Elizabeth Carrore <Charles> Bennett was born about 1878 in Gravesend, Kings County, New York). 9. iv. Emma T <Charles> Bennett was born about 1880). 10. v. Mary Van Brunt <Charles> Bennett Bennett (Rn=1937), who was born about 1882. She married Watson L <?> Bennett (Rn=1942).