Early New Netherlands Settlers

William <Jacobus?> Cropsey

17 June 2013

Generation 1 1. William <Jacobus?> Cropsey (Rn=2965), son of Jacobus <Casper> Cropsey (Rn=78848) and Maria <?> ? Cropsey (Rn=78847), who was born about 1786. He married ? <?> ? Cropsey (Rn=55895). Source [RootsWeb: WorldConnect: db=batialo] Child of William <Jacobus?> Cropsey and ? <?> ? was as follows: + 2. i. James <William> Cropsey (Rn=2966), who was born about 1810 and married Maria <?> Verity Cropsey (Rn=55894). Generation 2 2. James <William> Cropsey (Rn=2966), who was born about 1810 and died 07 October 1888 at Gravesend, Kings County, New York at 78 years of age. He married Maria <?> Verity Cropsey (Rn=55894) and died 16 July 1889 at Gravesend, Kings County, New York. Source [Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Gravesend by W H Stillwell 1892 page 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 87] Children of James <William> Cropsey and Maria <?> Verity were as follows: + 3. i. G W <James> Cropsey (Rn=2967) and married ? <?> ? Cropsey (Rn=63620). 4. ii. Jane Ann <James> Cropsey was baptized 25 November 1832 at Reformed Dutch Church, Gravesend, Kings County, New York). 5. iii. Margaret Amelia <James> Cropsey was baptized 11 January 1835). 6. iv. Mary <James> Cropsey was baptized 28 October 1836). 7. v. Jaques <James> Cropsey was baptized 21 April 1839). 8. vi. James Edward <James> Cropsey was baptized 6 January 1845). 9. vii. Sarah Elizabeth <James> Cropsey was baptized 1 March 1850). 10. viii. Amos Henry <James> Cropsey was baptized 4 March 1852). Generation 3 3. G W <James> Cropsey (Rn=2967). He married ? <?> ? Cropsey (Rn=63620). Child of G W <James> Cropsey and ? <?> ? was as follows: + 11. i. James <G W> Cropsey (Rn=2968) and married Mary B <Teunis> Hoagland Cropsey (Rn=2969). Generation 4 11. James <G W> Cropsey (Rn=2968). He married September 1887 Mary B <Teunis> Hoagland Cropsey (Rn=2969), who was born 1842, a daughter of Teunis <Cornelius> Hoogland (Rn=78846) and Anne Eliza <?> Howell Hoogland (Rn=78845). Occupation 1- - Lumber Merchant. First Residence - - New Utrecht, Kings County, New York. Children of James <G W> Cropsey and Mary B <Teunis> Hoagland were as follows: + 12. i. Garret Wyckoff <James> Cropsey (Rn=1329) and married Jennie <Daniel> Van Brunt Cropsey (Rn=1298). 13. ii. T H <James> Cropsey. 14. iii. Annie L <James> Cropsey Lott (Rn=2971). She married Charles H <?> Lott (Rn=2972). 15. iv. Charles H <James> Cropsey. Generation 5 12. Garret Wyckoff <James> Cropsey (Rn=1329). He married September 1887 Jennie <Daniel> Van Brunt Cropsey (Rn=1298), who was born 21 February 1864, a daughter of Daniel <Jaques> Van Brunt (Rn=2533) and Mary <Cornelius> Bergen Van Brunt (Rn=2536). Source [The Bergen Family by Teunis G Bergen 1876 page 358] Source [RootsWeb: WorldConnect: db=wolphert] Children of Garret Wyckoff <James> Cropsey and Jennie <Daniel> Van Brunt were as follows: 16. i. Frances B <Garret> Cropsey. 17. ii. Mary H <Garret> Cropsey. 18. iii. Dorothy <Garret> Cropsey.