Early New Netherlands Settlers

Francis <?> De Bruynne

26 August 2013

Generation 1 1. Francis <?> De Bruynne (Rn=94). He married first, 17 August 1657 at New Amsterdam Catharine <Jasper> Varleth De Bruynne (Rn=95), a daughter of Jasper <?> Varleth (Rn=209) and Judith <?> ? Varleth (Rn=59515) and married second, Anna <Nicasius> De Sille Kip/De Bruynne (Rn=7042), who was born 06 November 1640 at Maastricht, Limburg, Netherland and died after 20 May 1711 at 70 years of age, a daughter of Nicasius <Laurens> De Sille Attorney (Rn=7040) and Cornelia <Pieter> Meulmans De Sille (Rn=8708). First Residence - Amsterdam. Second Residence - New Amsterdam. Third Residence - New Utrecht, Kings County, New York. Fourth Residence - Gravesend, Kings County, New York. Emigration - Emigrant about 1647 from Amsterdam to New Amsterdam. Francis <?> De Bruynne and Catharine <Jasper> Varleth, and nothing known of children. Francis <?> De Bruynne and Anna <Nicasius> De Sille, and nothing known of children.