Early New Netherlands Settlers

Thomas <?> Haskins

30 January 2017

Generation 1 1. Thomas <?> Haskins (Rn=29634) and died before March 1736. He married about 1728 Mary <Govert> Loockermans Haskins/Ennalls (Rn=27507) and died before January 1772, a daughter of Govert <Jacob> Loockermans (Rn=27502) and Sara <?> Woolford Loockermans (Rn=63270). First Residence- Ireland. Second Residence- New York Colony?. Emigration- Emigrant from Ireland to New York Colony?. Children of Thomas <?> Haskins and Mary <Govert> Loockermans were as follows: 2. i. William <Thomas> Haskins was born 1729 and died 1779) (married 1759) [Sarah Airey (died 1786)]. 3. ii. Joseph <Thomas> Haskins was born 1731 and died 1788) (married 1759) [Sarah Ennalls]. 4. iii. Elizabeth <Thomas> Haskins Caile was born 1733 and died 1805) (married 1754) {Hall was born 1733 and died 1761)}.