Early New Netherlands Settlers

David <?> Jamison

18 June 2013

Generation 1 1. David <?> Jamison Attorney: Judge (Rn=9827), who was born 1660 at Scotland and died 25 July 1739 at 79 years of age. He married Johanna <Johannes> DeWitt Jamison (Rn=58140), who was born May 1670 at New York City and was baptized at Reformed Dutch Church, New York City, a daughter of Johannes <Jan> DeWitt (Rn=53966) and Johanna <Gerrit> Torenburgh DeWitt/De Bruyn (Rn=53967). Religion 1- - Trinity Church, New York City in 1699. Occupation 1- - Clerk of the Council. Occupation 2- - Chief Justice of New Jersey. Occupation 3- - Attorney General of New York. First Residence - - Scotland. Second Residence - - New York City. Third Residence - - New Jersey. Emigration - - Emigrant in 1685 from Scotland to New York City. Source [New Netherland Connections October 2007 Volume 12 Number 4 page 91] Child of David <?> Jamison and Johanna <Johannes> DeWitt was as follows: + 2. i. Elizabeth <David> Jamison Johnstone (Rn=9833) and married John <John> Johnstone (Rn=9831). Generation 2 2. Elizabeth <David> Jamison Johnstone (Rn=9833). She married John <John> Johnstone (Rn=9831), who was born 07 May 1691 and died 06 September 1731 at 40 years of age, a son of John <?> Johnstone Doctor (Rn=9826) and Euphemia <?> Scott Johnstone (Rn=50635). Children of John <John> Johnstone and Elizabeth <David> Jamison were as follows: 3. i. Elizabeth <John> Johnstone was born 1718 and died young). 4. ii. John <John> Johnstone was born 1719). 5. iii. Mary <John> Johnstone was born 1721 and died young). 6. iv. Eupham <John> Johnstone was born 1722 and died young). + 7. v. David <John> Johnstone (Rn=9828), who was born 13 January 1724 and married Magdalen <Jacob> Walton Johnstone (Rn=9830). 8. vi. Son <John> Johnstone was born 1726). 9. vii. Thomas <John> Johnstone was born 1727 and died young). 10. viii. Jamison <John> Johnstone was born 1729 and died young). 11. ix. Johannah <John> Johnstone was born 1730 and died young). Generation 3 7. David <John> Johnstone (Rn=9828), who was born 13 January 1724. He married 27 May 1753 Magdalen <Jacob> Walton Johnstone (Rn=9830), a daughter of Jacob <William> Walton (Rn=9829) and Marritje <Gerardus> Beekman Walton (Rn=8190). Children of David <John> Johnstone and Magdalen <Jacob> Walton were as follows: 12. i. Mary <David> Johnstone was born 1754). 13. ii. Elizabeth <David> Johnstone was born 1755). 14. iii. Cornelia <David> Johnstone was born 1757). 15. iv. John <David> Johnstone was born 1759 and died young). 16. v. Magdalen <David> Johnstone was born 1760). 17. vi. David <David> Johnstone was born 1766). 18. vii. Joanna <David> Johnstone was born 1769). 19. viii. Jacob <David> Johnstone was born 1770). 20. ix. Euphemia <David> Johnstone was born 1774).