Early New Netherlands Settlers

Jochem <Pieter> Kuyter

01 February 2017

Generation 1 1. Jochem <Pieter> Kuyter (Rn=13530) and died March 1654. He married Leentje <Marten> Bronck Kuyter/DeDuytscher (Rn=13531) and died 15 September 1655, a daughter of Marten <?> Bronck (Rn=16281) and Bille <?> ? Bronck (Rn=55239). First Residence- Dithmarschen, Schleswig Holstein, Denmark. Second Residence- New Amsterdam. Third Residence- Richmond County, New York. Note [Jochem Kuyter was killed by Indians in March 1654]. Emigration- Emigrant in July 1639 from Dithmarschen, Schleswig Holstein, Denmark to New Amsterdam on the De Brant Von Trogen. Source [Revised History of Harlem by James Riker page 162] Jochem <Pieter> Kuyter and Leentje <Marten> Bronck, and nothing known of children.