Early New Netherlands Settlers

Balthus <?> Loockermans

02 February 2017

Generation 1 1. Balthus (Balthazaer) <?> Loockermans (Rn=796). He married Engeltje <Hendrick> ? Loockermans (Rn=66625). First Residence- New Amsterdam. Note [Balthus Loockermans relationship to the other Loockermans is unknown, he may be a brother or a cousin or not related]. Children of Balthus (Balthazaer) <?> Loockermans and Engeltje <Hendrick> ? were as follows: 2. i. Jacob <Balthus> Loockermans was born 1662). 3. ii. Jannetje <Balthus> Loockermans was born 1663).