Early New Netherlands Settlers

Johannes <?> Martier

02 February 2017

Generation 1 1. Johannes <?> Martier (Rn=18202). He married first, 22 February 1688 at New York City Hester <Jan> Kouwenhoven Martier (Rn=18201), who was born August 1669 and died before 1691 at 22 years of age, a daughter of Jan <Jacob> Kouwenhoven (Rn=6555) and Saartje <Francois> ? Kouwenhoven/Byvanck (Rn=9836) and married second, 07 January 1691 Rachel <?> Tienhoven Martier. First Residence- Leyden, South Holland, Netherland. Second Residence- New York City. Emigration- Emigrant before February 1688 from Leyden, South Holland, Netherland to New York City. Johannes <?> Martier and Hester <Jan> Kouwenhoven did not have any children by this marriage. Johannes <?> Martier and Rachel <?> Tienhoven Martier did not have any children by this marriage.