Early New Netherlands Settlers

James <John> Meeker

02 February 2017

Generation 1 1. James <John> Meeker (Rn=49156), who was born 1709 and died 1777 at 68 years of age. He married Maria <John> Crocheron Meeker (Rn=21905), a daughter of John <Jean> Crocheron (Rn=21840) and Mary <John> Morgan Crocheron/Ayres (Rn=29204). Source [Record: April 1980 page 92] Children of James <John> Meeker and Maria <John> Crocheron were as follows: 2. i. Mary <James> Meeker Davis/Sayre was born about 1739 and died 1797) {?} (married 1762) {Ephraim}. 3. ii. Isaiah <James> Meeker was born about 1740 and died 1814) (married 1765) [Deborah <Joseph> Halsey was born about 1745 and died 1836)]. 4. iii. Anna <James> Meeker (died young). 5. iv. Hetty <James> Meeker Foster {Samuel}. 6. v. Hannah <James> Meeker Hill {Edward}. 7. vi. Frances <James> Meeker Burrows was born 1750 and died 1793) {Waters <Stephen>}. 8. vii. Rebecca <James> Meeker Morehouse was born about 1753 and died 1839) {Simeon}. 9. viii. James <James> Meeker was born about 1755 and died 1828) [Hannah Foster]. 10. ix. Aaron <James> Meeker was born 1757 and died 1789) (married 1779) [Hannah Lyon].