Early New Netherlands Settlers

Roelof <?> Oostinge

03 February 2017

Generation 1 1. Roelof <?> Oostinge (Rn=6354), who was born about 1636 at Spier, Drenthe, Netherland. He married 14 December 1664 Merghin <Steven> Voorhees Oostinge/Willemse (Rn=6105), who was born about 1640 at Dwingelo, Drenthe, Netherland and died 28 October 1702 at Netherland at 62 years of age, a daughter of Steven <Coert> Voorhees (Rn=2256) and Aeltje <?> Wessels Voorhees (Rn=28452). First Residence- Spier, Drenthe, Netherland. Source [The Van Voorhees Family in America by Florence A Christoph 2000 page 3] Children of Roelof <?> Oostinge and Merghin <Steven> Voorhees were as follows: 2. i. Roelof <Roelof> Oostinge was born about 1665 and died 1703). 3. ii. Wennechyn <Roelof> Oostinge was born about 1669). 4. iii. Aeltyn <Roelof> Oostinge was born about 1671).