Early New Netherlands Settlers

Nicholas <?> Panckhurst

30 November 2014

Generation 1 1. Nicholas <?> Panckhurst (Rn=22746) and died before May 1622. He married 14 June 1613 at Ovingdean, Sussex County, England Barbara <Thomas> Geere Panckhurst (Rn=22747), who was born January 1590 at Ovingdean, Sussex County, England and died before May 1623 at 33 years of age, a daughter of Thomas <?> Geere (Rn=22748) and Barbara <?> Borde Geere (Rn=66043). Buried at May 1622. Buried at Iford churchyard cemetery, Iford, Sussex County, England. First Residence- Iford, Sussex County, England. Will- His will was dated 26 April 1620 and proved 21 May 1622. Source [Record: October 1989 page 211] Children of Nicholas <?> Panckhurst and Barbara <Thomas> Geere were as follows: 2. i. Elizabeth <Nicholas> Panckhurst. 3. ii. Joan <Nicholas> Panckhurst.