Early New Netherlands Settlers

William <?> Pearson

03 February 2017

Generation 1 1. William <?> Pearson (Rn=234). He married Grietje <?> Kiersen Pearson (Rn=37073). Child of William <?> Pearson and Grietje <?> Kiersen was as follows: + 2. i. Jenneke <Willem> Pearson Stille (Rn=236), who was born November 1686 and married Cornelis <Jacob> Stille (Rn=228). Generation 2 2. Jenneke <Willem> Pearson Stille (Rn=236), who was born November 1686. She married 13 April 1710 Cornelis <Jacob> Stille (Rn=228), who was born about March 1685 and died before April 1775 at 90 years of age, a son of Jacob <Cornelis> Stille (Rn=203) and Marritje <Hendrick> Brevoort Ellisen/Stille (Rn=348). Baptized on 14 November 1686. Children of Cornelis <Jacob> Stille and Jenneke <Willem> Pearson were as follows: 3. i. Marytje <Cornelis> Stille Tucker was born 1711) {?}. 4. ii. Jacob <Cornelis> Stille was born 1712). 5. iii. Elizabeth <Cornelis> Stille was born 1714).