Early New Netherlands Settlers

Jan <?> Perie

03 February 2017

Generation 1 1. Jan <?> Perie (Rn=55110), who was born 1629 at Province de West Vlaanderen, Belgium. He married 05 February 1655 at New Amsterdam Aefje <Leendert> De Grauw Perie/Hoogland (Rn=55109), who was born about 1630 at North Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherland, a daughter of Leendert <Arent> De Grauw (Rn=38765) and Leuntje <Jan> Lydecker De Grauw (Rn=40224). Religion 1- Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam. First Residence- Province de West Vlaanderen, Belgium. Second Residence- France. Third Residence- New Amsterdam. Emigration- Emigrant in 1654 from France to New Amsterdam on the Lady Maria. Source [History of the City of Paterson and the County of Passaic by William Nelson 1901 page 326] Source [The De Grauw Family by Colista E B Stuewer 1985 929.273D364s page 11] Children of Jan <?> Perie and Aefje <Leendert> De Grauw were as follows: 2. i. Marinus <Jan> Perie was baptized 3 November 1655 and died young). 3. ii. Maria <Jan> Perie was baptized 8 November 1656). 4. iii. Marinus <Jan> Perie was baptized 31 March 1659).