Early New Netherlands Settlers

Richard <?> Pettit

03 February 2017

Generation 1 1. Richard <?> Pettit (Rn=48497) and died after 1760. He married 26 November 1722 Wyntje <Jacobus> Brouwer Pettit (Rn=745), who was born October 1701 at New York City and died November 1773 at 72 years of age, a daughter of Jacobus <Adam> Brouwer (Rn=6166) and Anneke <Wilhelm> Bogardus Brouwer (Rn=727). Children of Richard <?> Pettit and Wyntje <Jacobus> Brouwer were as follows: 2. i. Thomas <Richard> Pettit was born 1723). 3. ii. Afje <Richard> Pettit Field was born 1727) {John}. 4. iii. Annatje <Richard> Pettit was born 1730). 5. iv. Elizabeth <Richard> Pettit Smith was born 1732) {Samuel}. 6. v. Susanna <Richard> Pettit Adams was born 1734) {William}. 7. vi. Marie <Richard> Pettit Walker {Thomas}. 8. vii. Sara <Richard> Pettit. 9. viii. Pieternella <Richard> Pettit Deering {William}. 10. ix. Richard <Richard> Pettit was born 1746).