Early New Netherlands Settlers

Richard <?> Pierce

29 August 2013

Generation 1 1. Richard <?> Pierce (Rn=439) and died 1678. He married Susanna <?> Wright Pierce (Rn=37080). First Residence - Rhode Island. Child of Richard <?> Pierce and Susanna <?> Wright was as follows: + 2. i. George <Richard> Pierce (Rn=437), who was born 1662 and married Alice <Richard> Hart Pierce (Rn=28200). Generation 2 2. George <Richard> Pierce (Rn=437), who was born 1662 and died 1752 at 90 years of age. He married first, 1687 Alice <Richard> Hart Pierce (Rn=28200), a daughter of Richard <?> Hart (Rn=30340) and ? <?> ? Hart (Rn=64857) and married second, 1721 Temperance <Richard> Kirby Pierce (Rn=436), who was born 1670; and died 1761 at 91 years of age, a daughter of Richard <Richard> Kirby (Rn=1678) and Patience <William> Gifford Kirby (Rn=45089). Children of George <Richard> Pierce and Alice <Richard> Hart were as follows: 3. i. Susanna <George> Pierce was born 1688). 4. ii. James <George> Pierce was born 1691). 5. iii. Samuel <George> Pierce (Rn=435), who was born 1695. He married 20 May 1738 Abigail <Elisha> Powell Pierce (Rn=434), a daughter of Elisha <Thomas> Powell (Rn=4240) and Rebecca <?> ? Powell (Rn=63664). 6. iv. George <George> Pierce was born 1699). 7. v. Mary <George> Pierce Seaman was born 1700) {?}. George <Richard> Pierce and Temperance <Richard> Kirby did not have any children by this marriage.