Early New Netherlands Settlers

Monis <?> Pietersen

26 March 2017

Generation 1 1. Monis <?> Pietersen (Staeck) (Rn=16309) and died after 1693. He married 24 January 1663 at Breucklen, New Netherland Magdaleentje <Lambert> Van Tellickhuysen Dircksen/Petersen (Staeck) (Rn=63569), who was born at Steinfurt, Westphalia, Germany. First Residence- Abo, Finland. Second Residence- New Amsterdam. Third Residence- Harlem, New York City. Fourth Residence- Elizabeth, Union County, New Jersey. Fifth Residence- Upland, New Sweeden in 1693. Note [Upland, New Sweeden is now in Chester County, Pennsylvania]. Emigration- Emigrant before 1662 from Abo, Finland to New Amsterdam. Source [Revised History of Harlem by James Riker page 225] Children of Monis <?> Pietersen (Staeck) and Magdaleentje <Lambert> Van Tellickhuysen were as follows: 2. i. Pieter <Monis> Pietersen (Stuck). 3. ii. Matthew <Monis> Pietersen (Stuck). 4. iii. Isreal <Monis> Pietersen (Stuck).