Early New Netherlands Settlers

Johannes <?> Polhemius

17 July 2013

Generation 1 1. Johannes <?> Polhemius (Rn=8927), who was born about 1745. He married 11 February 1769 Mary <Frederick> Van Lieuw Polhemius (Rn=8926), a daughter of Frederick <Johannes> Van Lieuw (Rn=8150) and Mary <?> Betts Van Lieuw (Rn=50519). Child of Johannes <?> Polhemius and Mary <Frederick> Van Lieuw was as follows: + 2. i. Margrietje <Johannes> Polhemius Quackenbos (Rn=47702) and married Abraham <Reynier> Quackenbos (Rn=44307). Generation 2 2. Margrietje <Johannes> Polhemius Quackenbos (Rn=47702) and died after 1803. She married 02 June 1791 at Reformed Dutch Church, Tappan, Rockland County, New York Abraham <Reynier> Quackenbos (Rn=44307), who was born 04 July 1773 at Clarkstown, Rockland County, New York and was baptized at Reformed Dutch Church, Clarkstown, Rockland County, New York, a son of Reynier <Abraham> Quackenbush (Rn=40570) and Sarah <Jan> Durie Quackenbush (Rn=40569). First Residence - - Tappan, Rockland County, New York. Source [The Quackenbush Family in America by Gail R Quackenbush 1993 page 86] Children of Abraham <Reynier> Quackenbos and Margrietje <Johannes> Polhemius were as follows: 3. i. Samuel <Abraham> Quackenbos was born 10 July 1792). 4. ii. Johanna <Abraham> Quackenbos was born 1 October 1794). 5. iii. Jacobus <Abraham> Quackenbos was born 21 June 1797).