Early New Netherlands Settlers

John <?> Quimby

03 February 2017

Generation 1 1. John <?> Quimby (Rn=30365). He married ? <?> ? Quimby (Rn=60473). Child of John <?> Quimby and ? <?> ? was as follows: + 2. i. Deborah <John> Quimby Goulder (Rn=28299) and married William <Welem> Goulder (Rn=4602). Generation 2 2. Deborah <John> Quimby Goulder (Rn=28299). She married 19 June 1689 at Reformed Dutch Church, Gravesend, Kings County, New York William <Welem> Goulder (Rn=4602), who was born about 1650 at Gravesend, New Netherland and died June 1712 at 62 years of age, a son of Welem <? > Goulder (Rn=7845) and Ann Catherine <?> ? Smith/Goulder (Rn=63508). First Residence- Westchester County, New York. Source [The Goulder Family by Richard W Cook] Child of William <Welem> Goulder and Deborah <John> Quimby was as follows: 3. i. Joseph <William> Goulder was born 169? and died about 1760) (married 1716) [Mary Herisson].