Early New Netherlands Settlers

Robert <?> Raynor

09 June 2014

Generation 1 1. Robert <?> Raynor (Rn=82602). He married ? <?> ? Raynor (Rn=82601). Source [RootsWeb: WorldConnect: db=morter-2012] Child of Robert <?> Raynor and ? <?> ? was as follows: + 2. i. Edward <Robert> Raynor (Rn=82604) and married Margerey <?> Wiles Raynor (Rn=82603). Generation 2 2. Edward <Robert> Raynor (Rn=82604). He married Margerey <?> Wiles Raynor (Rn=82603). Source [RootsWeb: WorldConnect: db=morter-2012] Child of Edward <Robert> Raynor and Margerey <?> Wiles was as follows: 3. i. Thurston <Edward> Raynor (Rn=82606), who was born 21 September 1593 at Elmsett Parish, Suffolk County, England and died October 1667 at Southampton, Suffolk County, New York at 73 years of age. He married before 1638 at Wethersfield, Connecticut Martha <?> Wood Raynor (Rn=82605), who was born about 1612 at Halifax, Yorkshire, England. First Residence- Elmsett Parish, Suffolk County, England. Second Residence- Wethersfield, Connecticut. Third Residence- Southampton, Suffolk County, New York. Emigration- Emigrant. Source [RootsWeb: WorldConnect: db=morter-2012]