Early New Netherlands Settlers

Herndon <?> Robinson

24 June 2013

Generation 1 1. Herndon <?> Robinson (Rn=10286), who was born 1910 and died 1960 at 50 years of age. He married Annie Elizabeth <John> Lamkin Robinson (Rn=10275), who was born 1905, a daughter of John Alcus <John> Lamkin (Rn=10268) and Annie E <?> Whittaker Lamkin (Rn=10269). Children of Herndon <?> Robinson and Annie Elizabeth <John> Lamkin were as follows: 2. i. Billie Yvonne <Herndon> Robinson was born 1929). + 3. ii. Howard (Bubba) <Herndon> Robinson (Rn=10310), who was born 1930 and married Patricia <?> Lomax Robinson (Rn=10311). Generation 2 3. Howard (Bubba) <Herndon> Robinson (Rn=10310), who was born 1930. He married Patricia <?> Lomax Robinson (Rn=10311), who was born 1929. Children of Howard (Bubba) <Herndon> Robinson and Patricia <?> Lomax were as follows: + 4. i. Ruanne <Howard> Robinson Christianson (Rn=10329), who was born 1959 and married Kenneth <?> Christianson (Rn=10330). 5. ii. Annabuis <Howard> Robinson was born 1963. + 6. iii. David <Howard> Robinson (Rn=10333), who was born 1950 and married Pat <?> ? Robinson (Rn=69470). Generation 3 4. Ruanne <Howard> Robinson Christianson (Rn=10329), who was born 1959. She married first, Kenneth <?> Christianson (Rn=10330) and married second, Alan <?> Van Denmark (Rn=10331). Child of Kenneth <?> Christianson and Ruanne <Howard> Robinson was as follows: 7. i. Camie <Kenneth> Christianson was born 1978). Children of Alan <?> Van Denmark and Ruanne <Howard> Robinson were as follows: 8. i. Jacob <Al> Van Denmark was born 1985). 9. ii. Joshua <Al> Van Denmark was born 1986). 6. David <Howard> Robinson (Rn=10333), who was born 1950. He married Pat <?> ? Robinson (Rn=69470). Children of David <Howard> Robinson and Pat <?> ? were as follows: 10. i. David <David> Robinson. 11. ii. Donna <David> Robinson. 12. iii. Sherrie <David> Robinson. 13. iv. Doug <David> Robinson.