Early New Netherlands Settlers

Francois <?> Rombout

20 June 2013

Generation 1 1. Francois <?> Rombout (Rn=8255) and died before March 1707. He married first, 31 May 1665 at Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam Aeltje <?> Wessels Rombout (Rn=28416), who was born at Tolhuys, Arnhem, Gelderland, Netherland and married second, 08 August 1675 Anna Elizabeth <?> Masschop Wessels/Rombout (Rn=9251), who was born at Aernhem, Gelderland, Netherland and died before 1683 and married third, 26 September 1683 Helen <Willem> Teller Bogardus/Van Baal/Rombout (Rn=9156), who was born 1645 and died before March 1707 at Albany, Albany County, New York at 62 years of age, a daughter of Willem <?> Teller (Rn=6868) and Margareta <James> Donckesen Teller (Rn=6869). Occupation 1- - Merchant. Occupation 2- - Mayor of New York City in 1679. Will - - His will was dated 20 January 1690 and proved before 3 March 1707. Source [From Sea to Shining Sea by Darrell D Vessell 1993 page 45] Children of Francois <?> Rombout and Aeltje <?> Wessels were as follows: 2. i. Johannes <Francois> Rombout was born 1666 and died young?). 3. ii. Johannes <Francois> Rombout was born 1689 and died young). Francois <?> Rombout and Anna Elizabeth <?> Masschop did not have any children by this marriage. Children of Francois <?> Rombout and Helen <Willem> Teller were as follows: 4. i. Jannetje <Francois> Rombout was born 1684 and died young). + 5. ii. Catharina <Francois> Rombout Brett (Rn=9248), who was born May 1687 and married Roger <?> Brett (Rn=9247). Generation 2 5. Catharina <Francois> Rombout Brett (Rn=9248), who was born May 1687. She married 25 November 1703 Roger <?> Brett (Rn=9247) and died 1721. Baptized on 25 May 1687. Children of Roger <?> Brett and Catharina <Francois> Rombout were as follows: 6. i. Robert <Roger> Brett. 7. ii. Thomas <Roger> Brett was born 1705). 8. iii. Francis <Roger> Brett (Rn=35950). He married 07 June 1764 Sarah <Coert> Voorhees Brett/Voorhees (Rn=4750), who was born 12 May 1746 at Fishkill, Dutchess County, New York and was baptized at Reformed Dutch Church, Fishkill, Dutchess County, New York; and died 15 September 1777 at Dutchess County, New York at 31 years of age, a daughter of Coert <Johannes> Voorhees (Rn=6341) and Catharine <Henry> Filkin Voorhees (Rn=8889). Source [The Van Voorhees Family by Elias Van Voorhis 1888 page 274] Source [The Van Voorhees Family in America by Florence A Christoph 2000 page 186, 196]