Early New Netherlands Settlers

Claes <Jan> Rust

04 February 2017

Generation 1 1. Claes <Jan> Rust (Rn=22322), who was born at Emden, Oost Friesland, Germany and died before October 1648. He married first, 21 July 1646 at Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam Geertje <?> Nannincks Hendricks/Riddenhaus/Rust/Bout (Rn=22319), who was born about 1621 and died about 1687 at 66 years of age and married second, Aechtje <Cornelis> Kool Rust/Kuyper (Van Purmerendt) (Rn=6676), who was born about 1617 at Netherland and died about 1647 at 30 years of age, a daughter of Cornelis <Lambert> Kool (Rn=6202) and Maria? <?> ? Kool (Rn=9173). Occupation 1- Baker. First Residence- Emden, Oost Friesland, Germany. Second Residence- New Amsterdam. Emigration- Emigrant from Emden, Oost Friesland, Germany to New Amsterdam. Source [Record: January 1991 page 19] Child of Claes <Jan> Rust and Geertje <?> Nannincks was as follows: 2. i. Claes <Claes> Rust was born 1648). Claes <Jan> Rust and Aechtje <Cornelis> Kool did not have any children by this marriage.