Early New Netherlands Settlers

Jacob <?> Ryker

04 February 2017

Generation 1 1. Jacob <?> Ryker (Rn=54848). He married 08 February 1789 Catharina <Isaac> Van Riper Ryker (Rn=54849), who was born 12 March 1767, a daughter of Isaac <Harmen> Van Riper (Rn=54846) and Catrina <Jacob> Van Riper Van Riper (Rn=54847). Source [History of the City of Paterson and the County of Passaic by William Nelson 1901 page 165] Children of Jacob <?> Ryker and Catharina <Isaac> Van Riper were as follows: 2. i. Sarah <Jacob> Ryker was born 8 July 1791). 3. ii. Johannes <Jacob> Ryker was born 8 September 1793). 4. iii. Tryntje <Jacob> Ryker was born 4 April 1796).