Early New Netherlands Settlers

Sarah <?> ? Whippo/Coles/Lindsey

07 February 2017

Generation 1 1. Sarah <?> ? Whippo/Coles/Lindsey (Rn=22293), who was born 1697 at Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts and died 22 May 1759 at 62 years of age. She married first, James <James> Whippo (Rn=22756), who was born 27 November 1692 at Barnstable County, Massachusetts, a son of James <?> Whippo (Rn=22755) and ? <?> ? Whippo (Rn=66044) and married second, before 1722 Barak <Nathaniel> Coles (Rn=22291), who was born about 1690 at Oyster Bay, Queens County, New York, a son of Nathaniel <Robert> Coles (Rn=18574) and Deborah <Nicholas> Wright Coles (Rn=15973) and married third, Samuel <?> Lindsey. First Residence- Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. Second Residence- New York City. Third Residence- Oyster Bay, Queens County, New York. Source [Record: January 1989 page 21] Children of James <James> Whippo and Sarah <?> ? were as follows: 2. i. James <James> Whippo was born 1719) [Priscilla ?]. 3. ii. Isaac <James Whippo was born 1721). Children of Barak <Nathaniel> Coles and Sarah <?> ? were as follows: 4. i. Sarah <Barak> Coles Butler was born 1723) {William}. 5. ii. Mary <Barak> Coles Prior was born about 1725) {John}. 6. iii. Rebecca <Barak> Coles Weeks (Rn=22294), who was born 24 June 1728. She married 18 June 1768 at Hempstead, Queens County, New York John <John> Weeks (Rn=22295) and died after March 1780, a son of John <Joseph> Weeks (Rn=81310) and Mercy <Moses> Forman Weeks (Rn=81311). Baptized on 09 July 1728. First Residence- Hempstead, Queens County, New York. Source [Record: April 1989 page 108] 7. iv. Catherine <Barak> Coles Chadeayne was born 1730) (married 1757) {David}. 8. v. Nathaniel <Barak> Coles was born 1732). 9. vi. Joseph <Barak> Coles was born about 1734). 10. vii. Deborah <Barak> Coles Warne was born 1737) (married 1756) {Robert}. Samuel <?> Lindsey and Sarah <?> ? did not have any children by this marriage.