Early New Netherlands Settlers

Marcella <?> Shearman Stryker

23 July 2013

Generation 1 1. Marcella <?> Shearman Stryker (Rn=69277), who was born 1833 and died 1904 at 71 years of age. She married Francis <Martin> Stryker (Rn=34904), who was born 06 April 1838 and died 1916 at 77 years of age, a son of Martin Luce <Garret> Stryker (Rn=34893) and Chloe <Austin> Sykes Stryker (Rn=49617). Source [The Stryker Family by William N Stryker 1979 page 238, 342] Children of Francis <Martin> Stryker and Marcella <?> Shearman were as follows: 2. i. Frank Russell <Francis> Stryker was born 1867 and died 1910) [Margaret Sherman]. 3. ii. Chloe E <Francis> Stryker Hammond/Burgess was born 1873) {Lewis} {Roy G}.