Early New Netherlands Settlers

John <?> Smith

08 June 2014

Generation 1 1. John <?> Smith (Rn=16125), who was born about 1690. He married 26 May 1711 at Home of Samuel Beekman, New York City Rachel <Samuel> Beekman Smith/Woodside (Rn=16121), a daughter of Samuel <Jochem> Beekman (Rn=8577) and Magdalena <Charel> Fonteyn Beekman (Rn=8576). First Residence- New York City. Source [Record: April 2008 page 91] Child of John <?> Smith and Rachel <Samuel> Beekman was as follows: 2. i. Magdalena <John> Smith Bratt was baptized 25 November 1713 in New York City) (married 7 June 1734 at Reformed Dutch Church, New York City) {Isaac}.