Early New Netherlands Settlers

John <?> Smith

08 June 2014

Generation 1 1. John <?> Smith (Rn=65603), who was born about 1760. He married about 1782 Cathlyna <Lucas> Stevensen Smith/Smith (Rn=65601), who was born 16 February 1746 and died before March 1784 at 37 years of age, a daughter of Lucas <Steven> Stevensen (Rn=37324) and Catrina <Roelof> Van Houten Stevensen (Rn=37375). Religion 1- Reformed Dutch Church, Clarkstown, Rockland County, New York. First Residence- Clarkstown, Rockland County, New York. Source [Blauvelt Family Genealogy Supplement by Dorothy Moos page 4] Children of John <?> Smith and Cathlyna <Lucas> Stevensen were as follows: 2. i. Geertje <John> Smith was born 24 August 1783). 3. ii. Hendrick <John> Smith was born 23 February 1786).