Early New Netherlands Settlers

Joseph <?> Sutton

24 June 2013

Generation 1 1. Joseph <?> Sutton (Rn=4978). He married Mary <?> Sands Sutton (Rn=50420). Child of Joseph <?> Sutton and Mary <?> Sands was as follows: + 2. i. William <Joseph> Sutton (Rn=4980) and married Dorcas <John> Clapp Sutton/Nash (Rn=4972). Generation 2 2. William <Joseph> Sutton (Rn=4980). He married Dorcas <John> Clapp Sutton/Nash (Rn=4972), who was born 1738, a daughter of John <John> Clapp (Rn=4963) and Dorcas <?> Quimby Clapp (Rn=49402). Child of William <Joseph> Sutton and Dorcas <John> Clapp was as follows: + 3. i. Alice <William> Sutton Cornell (Rn=4982) and married Benjamin <?> Cornell (Rn=4993). Generation 3 3. Alice <William> Sutton Cornell (Rn=4982). She married Benjamin <?> Cornell (Rn=4993). Children of Benjamin <?> Cornell and Alice <William> Sutton were as follows: + 4. i. Silas <Benjamin> Cornell (Rn=1739), who was born 1789 and married Sarah <Adam> Mott Cornell (Rn=1733). 5. ii. Phebe <Benjamin> Cornell Underhill (Rn=4983), who was born 1791. She married 05 November 1782 Stephen <Daniel> Underhill (Rn=4984), a son of Daniel <Abraham> Underhill (Rn=5176) and Sarah <Reese> Cox Underhill (Rn=49793). Generation 4 4. Silas <Benjamin> Cornell (Rn=1739), who was born 1789 at Scarsdale, Westchester County, New York. He married 12 December 1815 Sarah <Adam> Mott Cornell (Rn=1733), who was born 04 April 1791 at North Hempstead, Queens County, New York and died 17 March 1872 at 80 years of age, a daughter of Adam <Adam> Mott (Rn=1587) and Anne <James> Mott Mott (Rn=1589). Occupation 1- Ladies Boarding School Owner. First Residence - Scarsdale, Westchester County, New York. Second Residence - Flushing, Queens County, New York. Source [New York Genealogical & Biographical Society Library manuscript files: Edward D Harris manuscript notes] Child of Silas <Benjamin> Cornell and Sarah <Adam> Mott was as follows: 6. i. Thomas Clapp <?> Cornell was born 1819).