Early New Netherlands Settlers

Abraham <William> Swart

06 February 2017

Generation 1 1. Abraham <William> Swart (Rn=65458), son of William <Adam> Swart (Rn=71848) and Hanna <Walran> DuMont Swart (Rn=71847), who was born December 1733 at Kingston, Ulster County, New York. He married 21 December 1764 at Shawangunk, Ulster County, New York Hester <Willem> Rosecrans Swart (Rn=46526), who was born May 1743 at Kingston, Ulster County, New York, a daughter of Willem <Hendrick> Rosecrans (Rn=13251) and Jannetje <Zachariah> Hoffman Rosecrans (Rn=59684). Baptized on 02 December 1733. First Residence- Kingston, Ulster County, New York. Second Residence- Shawangunk, Ulster County, New York. Source [Early Ancestors in New Amsterdam Vigne-Rosenkrans by George R Griffiths 1944 page 24] Children of Abraham <William> Swart and Hester <Willem> Rosecrans were as follows: 2. i. Stephanus <Abraham> Swart was baptized 19 October 1766 and died before 1772). 3. ii. Jacob <Abraham> Swart was baptized 25 December 1768). 4. iii. Stephanus <Abraham> Swart was baptized 27 September 1772). 5. iv. Blandina <Abraham> Swart was baptized 6 November 1774). 6. v. Johannes <Abraham> Swart was baptized 4 October 1778). 7. vi. Susannah <Abraham> Swart was baptized 28 January 1781). 8. vii. Janneke <Abraham> Swart was baptized 10 August 1783).