Early New Netherlands Settlers

Gerrit <?> Swart Schout

06 February 2017

Generation 1 1. Gerrit <?> Swart Schout (Sheriff) (Rn=73404), who was born about 1630 at Netherland and died about 1662 at Beverwijck, New Netherland at 32 years of age. He married Antonia <?> Van Rijswijck Swart (Rn=73405) and died 05 February 1700, a daughter of ? <?> Van Rijswijck (Rn=73402) and ? <?> ? Van Rijswijck (Rn=73403). Occupation 1- Schout. First Residence- Beverwijck, New Netherland. Will- Gerrit Swart made a joint will with his wife Antonia Van Rijswijck in 1661 and no living children were included. Source [Beverwijck by Janny Venema 2003 page 247] Source [RootsWeb: WorldConnect: db=casestoodley] Gerrit <?> Swart and Antonia <?> Van Rijswijck did not have any children by this marriage.