Early New Netherlands Settlers

William <William> Tennent

06 February 2017

Generation 1 1. William <William> Tennent (Rn=29598), who was born 1705 and died 1777 at 72 years of age. He married 23 August 1738 Catharine <Johannes> Van Brugh Noble/Tennent (Rn=24585), who was born August 1704 and died 1786 at Pittsgrove, Salem County, New Jersey at 82 years of age, a daughter of Johannes <Johannes> Van Brugh (Rn=726) and Margrietje <David> Provoost Van Brugh (Rn=750). First Residence- Ireland. Second Residence- New York Colony. Emigration- Emigrant from Ireland to New York Colony. Children of William <William> Tennent and Catharine <Johannes> Van Brugh were as follows: 2. i. John Van Brugh <William> Tennent was born 1739 and died 1776). 3. ii. William <William> Tennent was born 1740 and died 1777) (married 1764) [Susanne Vergereau was born 1742 and died 1795)]. 4. iii. Gilbert <William> Tennent was born 1742 and died 1770) (married about 1766) [Catherine Hazzard]. 5. iv. Catherine <William> Tennent was born 1743 and died 1747). 6. v. Margaretta <William> Tennent was born 1745 and died 1745). 7. vi. daughter <William> Tennent was born 1745 and died 1745).