Early New Netherlands Settlers

Michiel <?> Vaughton

29 June 2013

Generation 1 1. Michiel <?> Vaughton (Rn=696) and died about September 1688. He married 24 June 1687 Susannah <Jacob> Leisler Vaughton/De Kleyn (Rn=689), who was born February 1664 and died November 1732 at 68 years of age, a daughter of Jacob <?> Leisler Captain (Rn=9744) and Elsje <Tymen> Jansen Van Der Veen/Leisler (Rn=999). Note [Michiel Vaughton was a half brother of John Spragg]. Emigration-Emigrant in 1683 from ? to New York Colony with Governor Dongan. Source [Dear "Cousin" by William B Bogardus 1996] Child of Michiel <?> Vaughton and Susannah <Jacob> Leisler was as follows: + 2. i. Michiel <Michael> Vaughton (Rn=697), who was born 09 September 1688 and married Catharina <John> Donaldson Vaughton (Rn=700). Generation 2 2. Michiel <Michael> Vaughton (Rn=697), who was born 09 September 1688 and died before February 1736 at 47 years of age. He married 15 May 1712 at Reformed Dutch Church, New York City Catharina <John> Donaldson Vaughton (Rn=700), who was born about 1694 at South (Delaware) River, Delaware, a daughter of John <?> Donaldson (Rn=701) and Elizabeth <Lucas> Rodenberg Heermans/Donaldson (Rn=695). Baptized on 09 September 1688. Buried at 04 December 1733. Buried at Reformed Dutch Church churchyard cemetery, New York City. Religion 1-Reformed Dutch Church, New York City. Occupation 1-Merchant. Occupation 2-Sail Maker. First Residence-New York City. Will- His will was dated 28 December 1732 and proved 24 February 1736. Source [Dear "Cousin" by William B Bogardus 1996] Source [New York Genealogical & Biographical Society Library manuscript files:] Children of Michiel <Michael> Vaughton and Catharina <John> Donaldson were as follows: 3. i. Michiel <Michiel> Vaughton was born 1713 and died young). 4. ii. Elizabeth <Michiel> Vaughton was born 1715). 5. iii. Johannes <Michiel> Vaughton was born 1717 and died young). 6. iv. Johannes <Michiel> Vaughton was born 1720). 7. v. Jacob <Michiel> Vaughton was born 1722 and died 1757). 8. vi. Susannah <Michiel> Vaughton De Hart was born 1724 and married 1747) {Maurits was born 1714)}. 9. vii. Catharina <Michiel> Vaughton was born 1726 and died 1733). 10. viii. Michael Michiel> Vaughton was born 31 March 1726) [Catherine Oblinus?]. 11. ix. Mary <Michiel> Vaughton Wessels was born 1728 and died 1816 and married 1769) {Pieter was born 1732)}.