Early New Netherlands Settlers

Isaac <?> Van Beeck

24 June 2013

Generation 1 1. Isaac <?> Van Beeck (Rn=9366). He married ? <?> ? Van Beeck (Rn=63038). Occupation 1- Director of the Dutch West India Company. First Residence - Amsterdam. Children of Isaac <?> Van Beeck and ? <?> ? were as follows: 2. i. Nicholas <Isaac> Van Beeck (emigrant about 1650). + 3. ii. Joost <Isaac> Van Beeck (Rn=9368) and married Maria Anna <?> Saffe Van Beeck (Rn=66747). + 4. iii. Johannes <Isaac> Van Beeck (Rn=7511) and married Maria <Jaspar> Varleth Van Beeck/Schrick/Teller (Rn=7512). Generation 2 3. Joost <Isaac> Van Beeck (Rn=9368). He married Maria Anna <?> Saffe Van Beeck (Rn=66747). First Residence - New Amsterdam. Child of Joost <Isaac> Van Beeck and Maria Anna <?> Saffe was as follows: 5. i. Petrus <Joost> Van Beeck was born 1655). 4. Johannes <Isaac> Van Beeck (Rn=7511), who was born at Beek, Gelderland, Netherland. He married 29 November 1658 at Greenwich, Fairfield County, Connecticut Maria <Jaspar> Varleth Van Beeck/Schrick/Teller (Rn=7512) and died 1702, a daughter of Jasper <?> Varleth (Rn=209) and Judith <?> ? Varleth (Rn=59515). First Residence - Beek, Gelderland, Netherland. Second Residence - New Amsterdam. Note [Johannes Van Beeck was killed by Indians in Massacre of September 1655]. Source [Record: July 2009 page 166] Child of Johannes <Isaac> Van Beeck and Maria <Jaspar> Varleth was as follows: 6. i. Judith <Johannes> Van Beeck Minvielle (Rn=9369), who was born May 1655 at New Amsterdam and was baptized at Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam and died about 1675 at 20 years of age. She married 29 August 1674 at New Willemstadt, Albany, Albany County, New York Gabriel <Pierre?> Minvielle (Rn=73296), who was born about 1644 at Bordeaux, France and died before 1 October 1702 at 58 years of age, a son of Pierre? <?> Minvielle dit La Coze (Rn=73294) and Francoise <?> Chriac Minvielle dit La Coze (Rn=73295). Baptized on 09 May 1655. Religion 1- Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam. First Residence - New Amsterdam. Second Residence - Willemstadt, Albany, Albany County, New York. Source [Record: July 2009 page 166]