Early New Netherlands Settlers

Nicholas <?> Van Dyck

08 February 2017

Generation 1 1. Nicholas <?> Van Dyck (Rn=3931). He married Catherine <Joost> Stillwell Van Dyck/Conover (Rn=3928), who was born 09 January 1789 at Gravesend, Kings County, New York and died 16 September 1846 at 57 years of age, a daughter of Joost <Nicholas> Stillwell (Rn=3929) and Antje <Nicholas> Willemsen Stillwell (Rn=7760). First Residence- Redhook, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York. Source [A History of John Lake by Dayne T Lake 1996 929.273 L148ld page 236] Children of Nicholas <?> Van Dyck and Catherine <Joost> Stillwell were as follows: 2. i. Ann <Nicholas> Van Dyck. 3. ii. Matthias <Nicholas> Van Dyck. 4. iii. Margaret <Nicholas> Van Dyck.