Early New Netherlands Settlers

Nicholas <?> Van Dyke

09 February 2017

Generation 1 1. Nicholas <?> Van Dyke (Rn=62884), who was born at Flatlands, Kings County, New York. He married 04 October 1832 Sarah <Hendrick> Elderts Van Dyke (Rn=34503), who was born 11 December 1807 and died after 1874 at 66 years of age, a daughter of Hendrick <Hendrick> Elderts (Rn=23732) and Sarah Bergen <Hendrick> Emans Elderts (Rn=23731). First Residence- Flatlands, Kings County, New York. Source [The Bergen Family by Teunis G Bergen 1876 page 158] Children of Nicholas <?> Van Dyke and Sarah <Hendrick> Elderts were as follows: 2. i. Albert <Nicholas> Van Dyke was born 18 September 1834). 3. ii. Henry Eldert <Nicholas> Van Dyke was born 9 June 1836). 4. iii. Jane Wyckoff <Nicholas> Van Dyke Suydam was born 16 July 1838) (married 29 January 1862) {D Lott}. 5. iv. Sarah Maria <Nicholas> Van Dyke Smith was born 17 September 1840) (married 19 February 1862) {L Harvey}. 6. v. Peter Wyckoff <Nicholas> Van Dyke was born 19 August 1843) [Mary Brower]. 7. vi. Cornelia Eldert <Nicholas> Van Dyke Buffet was born 18 April 1848) {Henry}.