Early New Netherlands Settlers

Jan <Jan> Van Eckelen

20 June 2013

Generation 1 1. Jan <Jan> Van Eckelen (Van Eeewen) (Rn=7647) and died about 1674. He married first, ? <?> ? Van Eckelen and married second, Gisseltje <Albert> Bradt Van Eckelen/Hendricksen (Rn=5541), who was born about 1640 at Rensselaerwyck, New Netherland and died 1677 at 37 years of age, a daughter of Albert <Andries> Bradt (Rn=5480) and Aefje <Barent> Van Rottmer Bradt (Rn=7958). Source [The American Genealogist: Volume 24 1949 page 232] Source [Ackerman-Carhart and Related Families by Bruce E Ackerman 1991 929.273 Ac57ab page 20] Source [Descendants of Albert and Arent Andriessen Bradt by Cynthia B Biasca 929.273 B729bc page 6] Jan <Jan> Van Eckelen (Van Eeewen) and ? <?> ? Van Eckelen did not have any children by this marriage. Children of Jan <Jan> Van Eckelen (Van Eeewen) and Gisseltje <Albert> Bradt were as follows: + 2. i. Johannes <Jan> Van Eckelen (Rn=8065) and married Tryntje <Titus> Titus Van Eckelen (Rn=8792). 3. ii. Jacobus <Jan> Van Eckelen was born about 1660). 4. iii. Albert <Jan> Van Eckelen was born about 1667). Generation 2 2. Johannes <Jan> Van Eckelen (Rn=8065) and died 1697. He married 09 September 1683 at New Utrecht, Kings County, New York Tryntje <Titus> Titus Van Eckelen (Rn=8792), who was born December 1663 at Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, a daughter of Titus <Syrachs> De Vries Captain (Rn=6746) and Jannetje <Teunis> Denyse De Vries (Rn=1428). Religion 1- - Reformed Dutch Church, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York in 1682. Occupation 1- - Clerk. Occupation 2- - School Master. First Residence - - Flatbush, Kings County, New York. Second Residence - - Reeden Island, Delaware in 1694. Note [Johannes Van Eckelen was a one eighth owner of Reeden Island, Delaware in 1694]. Will - - His will was Dated 9 January 1696. Source [Record: October 1977 page 219] Children of Johannes <Jan> Van Eckelen and Tryntje <Titus> Titus were as follows: 5. i. Johannes <Johannes> Van Eckelen (of Reeden Island until 1729). 6. ii. Johanna <Johannes> Van Eckelen. 7. iii. Geesje <Johannes> Van Eckelen. 8. iv. Jannetje <Johannes> Van Eckelen was born 1689 and died before 1691). 9. v. Jannetje <Johannes> Van Eckelen was born 1691). 10. vi. Helena <Johannes> Van Eckelen. 11. vii. Anna <Johannes> Van Eckelen.