Early New Netherlands Settlers

Elizabeth <?> Velsor Mabie

23 July 2013

Generation 1 1. Elizabeth <?> Velsor Mabie (Rn=55697), who was born 24 December 1781 and died 24 October 1847 at 65 years of age. She married Jacob <Henry> Mabie (Rn=55696), who was born 09 July 1778 and died 12 May 1865 at 86 years of age, a son of Henry <Jeremias> Mabie (Rn=54940) and Ann <Nicholas> Van Cott Nevius/Mabie (Rn=54889). Buried at Brookville Cemetery, Brookville, Queens County, New York. Source [RootsWeb: WorldConnect: db=okie2] Children of Jacob <Henry> Mabie and Elizabeth <?> Velsor were as follows: 2. i. Harry <Jacob> Mabie (Rn=58762), who was born 23 January 1804 and died 26 February 1872 at 68 years of age. He married 1828 Ann <Teunis> Hoogland Mabie (Rn=57769), who was born 1810 and died 17 January 1884 at 74 years of age, a daughter of Teunis <Cornelius> Hoogland (Rn=31204) and Ann <Jacobus> Montfort Hoogland (Rn=32387). Source [RootsWeb: WorldConnect: db=okie2] 3. ii. Mary Jane <Jacob> Mabie Simonson was born about 1811) (married 13 June 1832) {William was born about 1809)}.