Early New Netherlands Settlers

Cornelius <?> Van Sicklen

01 September 2013

Generation 1 1. Cornelius <?> Van Sicklen (Rn=69961). He married Lucretia (Kittie) <Jacques> Stillwell Van Sicklen/Bennett (Rn=461), who was born 11 May 1851 and died 06 October 1924 at 73 years of age, a daughter of Jacques <Jacques> Stillwell (Rn=4653) and Joanna <Dirck> Lake Van Sicklen/Stillwell (Rn=4658). Source [William Adriaense Bennett by Kenneth A Bennett 1998 page 206] Source [Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Gravesend by W H Stillwell 1892 page 84] Cornelius <?> Van Sicklen and Lucretia (Kittie) <Jacques> Stillwell, and nothing known of children.