Early New Netherlands Settlers

Henry <?> White

16 July 2013

Generation 1 1. Henry <?> White Honorable (Rn=582). He married Eve <Frederick> Van Cortlandt White (Rn=710), who was born 22 May 1736 at New York City, a daughter of Frederick <Jacobus> Van Cortlandt (Rn=702) and Francina <Augustus> Jay Van Cortlandt (Rn=706). Occupation 1 - - Governors Council of New York Province. Children of Henry <?> White and Eve <Frederick> Van Cortlandt were as follows: 2. i. Daughter <Henry> White. + 3. ii. Margaret <Henry> White Munro (Rn=583) and married Peter Jay <Harry> Munro (Rn=403). Generation 2 3. Margaret <Henry> White Munro (Rn=583). She married Peter Jay <Harry> Munro (Rn=403), who was born 10 January 1767 and died 22 September 1833 at 66 years of age, a son of Harry <?> Munro Reverend; Doctor of Divinity (Rn=400) and Eve <Peter> Jay Munro (Rn=399). Children of Peter Jay <Harry> Munro and Margaret <Henry> White were as follows: 4. i. Peter Jay <Peter> Munro (died young). 5. ii. Henry <Peter> Munro. 6. iii. John White <Peter> Munro. 7. iv. Margaret White <Peter> Munro. 8. v. Mary <Peter> Munro (died young). 9. vi. Frances <Peter> Munro De Lancey {?}. 10. vii. Harriet <Peter> Munro Van Cortlandt {?}. 11. viii. Mary <Peter> Munro. 12. ix. Anne Maria <Peter> Munro Hunter {?}. 13. x. Sarah Jay <Peter> Munro Whitney {?}. 14. xi. Cordelia <Peter> Munro.