The Early Families

Early American Dalzells and Delzells

The Early Families

A number of DALZELL and DELZELL families came to America during the eighteenth century, mostly from Counties Armagh, Antrim and Down in Northern Ireland. Some of these early arrivals are listed to the left, and I would welcome adding others as information is available.

When you click on a name, you will find a brief description of the family as well as links to a more detailed history of the family. In some cases this might be quite extensive and in other cases less so. Additions and corrections are welcome.

You will also find links to GEDCOM files, descendant reports, indexes and other materials about the particular family. Again additions and corrections are welcome.

My primary purpose in building this web site is to make information available from sources which may be hard to find or are not available. I am also hoping to find relationships among these families and connections back to Northern Ireland. I hope you will enjoy using this site and especially in adding to it.

For of these families: William(1786-1837), Robert(1788-1858), David(1790-1855), and James(1794-1864), are all sons of John(1756-1807).  They are listed separately because they all left East Tennessee and went to separate locations:  Cemtral Tennessee, Illinois, Missouri and Indiana. If you know where your ancestors came from, this might help you find out which family on the left is yours.

Also, if you Email me at <> with as much information as you know about your ancestors, I will try to help you locate your ancestors.

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