John (ca1756-1807) -- Brief History

Early American Dalzells and Delzells

John Delzell (ca1756-1807) and Margaret MCFAREN, Blount Co., TN

Brief Family History:

       John Delzell was born about 1756, probably in PA. (My family records say he was born in Pittsburg, but this doesn't seem likely since Pittsburg at that time was a battleground in the French and Indian War.) He married Margaret McFaren July 7, 1785, the 25th couple to be married inthe state of Franklin, and soon moved down to Blount County, TN where he entered 288 acres of land, raised a large family and died in 1807. He is buried in the Hamil-Tedford cemetery five miles south of Maryville, TN, and his headstone with the inscription "John Delzell died 1807,"  was discovered in the cemetery.

       “The marriage of John Delzell to Margaret McFaren in Greene County, State of Franklin, (now Tennessee) on 7 July 1785, is a matter of official record. (Note: The State of Franklin was taken over by the state of North Carolina and later became part of the new state of Tennessee).
The original copy of the bond still rests in the archives on the basement of the Greene County Courthouse in Greeneville, Tennessee, but is not in tatters. (Note: The original document has now been sealed in plastic and transferred to the archives of the Greene County Historical and Genealogical Society in Greeneville, Tennessee).
       “Because of the condition of the document, the spelling of the wife’s name is in some dispute. Hugh W. Delzell, as stated in Delzell Ties, made it out to be McFaren. This write examined also a journal in which all marriages were listed as they occurred by dates and he name is written there as “McLaren.” For confirmation, I asked the librarian of the Greeneville, Tennessee, library to view the names. She carefully compared the “L” in Margaret’s name to the name “Lee,” which appeared a few lines below and written down by the same clerk, and declared her name to be McLaren.” (The quoted material above is copied from John Malcolm Delzell ’s book listed below)


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All of the information in this family history and genealogy is subject to additions and corrections, and I strongly desire to make the information in these pages as accurate as possible. Please contact me.Thank you, Bob Delzell


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