Robert (1802- ) Pittsburg, PA -- Brief History

Early American Dalzells and Delzells

Robert Dalzell born(1802- )in County Doun, Northern Ireland and his wife, Anna (1799- ) born on County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, lived in Pittsburg, PA

Brief History:

     "My father, Robert Dalzell, of Hugonot descent, was born in County Down, Northern Ireland, May 2, 1802; my mother in County Tyrone, May 9, 1799. Father left Ireland with his widowed mother in 1809 and removed to near Greenoch, Scotland, where he lived until 1832, and then emigrated to Pittsburg, PA."  Ref. 1  

     "Here in Pittsburg, PA, there is a Dalzell Place within the city limits, and in the neighboring suburbs, there is a Dalzell Avenue(in Ben Avon), a Dalzell Street (borough of Wall), and a Dalzell Way (in Oakmont, just up the Allegheny River a piece, all in Allegheny county."  Ref.2

      "Ann Dalzell d. 8 Sept 1844 in Pittsburg, PA."  Ref. 3

      " Robert Dalzell and his wife Anna, had at least one son named James M Dalzell, b. Sep 3, 1838 in Pittsburg, PA (aka Private Dalzell) who married Hattie M. Kelly. James and Hattie were married Nov. 29, 1867, their children were: Nellie Grant, Lena May, Anna, Howard, and James Monroe." Ref. 4.



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