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About Bob Delzell, and a Brief Introduction


     Bob Delzell is the GGG grandson of John Delzell (1756-1807) and Margaret McFaren. who were married in the state of Franklin on July 7, 1785, purchased a 288 acre farm in East Tennessee, and raised seven boys and one girl.

     Bob has had a lifelong interest in family history and genealogy. He has made two trips to County Down in Northern Ireland, where his ancestors came from, and has made several trips to Blount County, TN. Bob also discovered John Delzell’s gravestone in an abandoned cemetery about five miles south of Maryville, Tn.

      Bob's interest in family history and genealogy was nurtured by his Dad’s sister, Ms. Ethyl Delzell, who taught home economics at Chadron State College, Nebraska, and visited his family every Christmas vacation—and always brought presents.    

      She also brought wonderful stories of the early days in Nebraska: How his grandfather built a one room house on one side of a road, in the Sand Hills of Nebraska, and a young lady built a two-room house across the road which she used to teach school, and how they married and moved the houses together to make a three room house; how his Dad, when he was a little boy, crawled under a table when a band of Indians came by and discovered a little Indian boy under the table with him. She told about the blizzard of “88” and how his grandfather saved all of the children he was teaching in a one-room schoolhouse. Also the story of five Delzell boys, all over six feet tall, who joined the Indiana Volunteers together to fight on the side of the Union during the Civil War, and how his GGgrandfather fought in the War of 1812. She had a tear in her eye when she told about her father, as a young man, waited at the train station, all ready to go to college, but giving in to his mother and sisters to stay home and run the farm.

     Bob's, Aunt Winnie, his Dad's other sister would write long letters about family history, some while he was in the service during WW II. She too, described the early days, how grandpa Solomon went blind as the result of his service in the Civil War, and how she would lead him by hand out to the barn where he would chop wood. She told about how her father would flood the next door lot in Peru, Nebraska, so they could go ice skating in the winter. How excited they all were when their father decided to run for State Superintendent of Schools in Nebraska, and won!

     All of this reinforced Bob’s belief that knowing about your ancestors, their successes and failures, their courage and steadfastness, is an important part of living in this world. It is his hope that this chronicle of history and geneaolgy will help preserve some of the history of his own family and of the other Dalzell and Delzell families as they participated in this great adventure that is the United States of America.

     Bob now lives in Burlingame, CA with his wife, Jane. They have raised four children and now have seven grandchildren. He is still deeply interested in family history and has expanded his interest to include many of the early American Dalzells and Delzells. His interest in the early Dalzells was part of his quest to find early ancestors in Ireland, but this objective has eluded him.

     Bob is quite willing to help Dalzells and Delzells find their early ancestors, and this remains the primary purpose of the present Website. He welcomes queries about the Dalzell and Delzell families.

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