Delzell Castle

Early American Dalzells and Delzells

Dalzell Castle in Motherwell, Scotland

One of the most interesting artifacts of Delzell history is the beautiful Dalzell Castle in the city of Motherwell, about fifteen miles east of Glasgow, and located on the Dalzell Burn (stream) which drains into the river Clyde. When my wife and I first visited the castle in 1977 it was being remodeled by the city of Motherwell as a tourist attraction, but that plan fell through and it was sold to a developer for one English penny. It was then converted into condominiums and sold to private parties, including two Americans.

We were fortunate enough in 1977 to be able to visit the castle as it was being remodeled. We climbed the narrow, circular stone stairs and admired the beautifully paneled dining hall. We went all the way up into the highest tower, and generally had a good time. One of the workmen showed us a hidden door leading to a secret passageway.

One reference, "Dalzell House: An Outline of History:" in the Motherwell District Library, states “The old Peel Tower ( a peel is a small fortified tower for residence or for use during an attack and common in the border counties of England and Scotland), or Keep, stands in the centre of the Dalzell House has not been dated conclusively. Authorities give two possible period, 1437-1460, or the early 16th Century. However current investigations now show an earlier occupancy of the site.”

The legacy of the Dalzells in Motherwell is quite evident on entering the city, or in looking at a map of the city. There is a Dalziel High School, the Thomas Dalzell bowling club, a Dalzell County Park, a Dalziel Parish Church as well as a South Dalziel Parish Church, the Dalzell House (Castle), the Dalzell Steel Works, and the Dalzell Co-op. There is also a Dalzell Avenue, Dalzell Drive, Dalziel Street, and Dalziel Tower. Finally there is the Dalzell Burn (stream) which leads past the Castle into the river Clyde. A number of booklets have been published which tell the story of the Dalzell Castle.




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