Early American Dalzells and Delzells


                     General Reference Books

Note: There have been many sources for the information included in this web site and you will find here a number of the books and papers that have been studied:

Beckett, J. C. A Short History of Ireland, Hutchinson’s University Library, London,1952.

Bolton, Charles Knowles. Scotch Irish Pioneers, in Ulster and America. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1986. (Very good background of the Irish experience.)

Bond, Octavia Zollicoffer. Old Tales Retold, or Perils and Adventures of Tennessee Pioneers. Smith & Lamar, Nashville, TN. 1914.

Brown, Katharine L. New Providence Church, 1746-1996, A History.
New Providence Church, Raphine, Virginia, 1996.

Burns, Inez E. History of Blount County, Tennessee-From War Trail to Landing Strip, 1795 - 1955, The Tennessee Historical Commission, 1957. (This is a beautiful book which includes much information about the area in which the early Delzells lived. Copies are still available from the Blount County G & H Society \, P.O. Box 4986, Maryville, TN 37802-4986).

Delzell, Hugh Wayland. Delzell Ties, A History of the Family of John Dalzell of Blount County, Tennessee. 1997. (This is a wonderful reference, but unfortunately it is out of print. It is the source of much of material in this web page. There may be copies in certain libraries.)

Delzell, John Malcolm, The Dalzell Survivors of Ancient Scotland , JoDell Publications, 1997.

This a "must" for Dalzell/Delzell genealogists and family historians. John had discovered much of interest and put all together in 2 books in 1. It is available from:JoDell Publications, 265 River Dr., East Palatke, FL 32131

Book 1. Why is there a Naked Man on my Families Coat of Arms? Various spellings of the name Dalzell, Earls of Carnwath, Barons of Glenae, Dalzell House of Motherwell, The Dalyells of the Binns.

Book 2. John Dalzell-Jacobite Prisoner, Scotch-Irish Dalzells, Blount County, Migrations to Middle Tennessee, (John did an excellent job of telling the story of his own family as well as filling in the Scottish background of our family and providing genealogy of many American Dalzell/Delzell families).

Delzell. Robert O. Remember Me-A Delzell Family History-The Story of the East Tennessee Delzells., R. O. Delzell, 2000. (A revision and extension of Hugh Wayland’s book, Copies in several libraries and available on CDs as a PDF file). Contact Bob Delzell:                                            <>

Dunaway, Wayland F.,The Scotch-Irish of Colonial Pennsylvania. Genealogical Publishing Co., 1944. (Excellent discussion of the Social, religious, political life of the Scotch-Irish and of their origin).

Editor. First Families of Tennessee A Register of Early Settlers and their Present Day Descendants. The East Tennessee Historical Society, 2000. (Includes the Delzell family).

Falley, Margaret Dickson. Irish and Scotch-Irish Ancestral Research, A Guide to the Genealogical Records, Methods and Sources in Ireland, Two Volumes. M. D, Falley, 1962.

Ford, Henry Jones. The Scotch-Irish in America, Part1 and Part II Princeton Univ. Press, 1915. (Extensive, 2 volume, exploration of the Scotch-Irish in america.)

Hale, John P. Trans-Allegheny Pioneers, Historical Sketches of the First White Settlements West of the Alleghenies, 1748 and after. Robert Ingles Steele, Radford, VA, 1971.(The Battle of Point Pleasant, Death of Cornstalk, The Old Dutch Woman, and more).

Hannan, Thomas. Famous Scottish Houses, The Lowlands, A. C. Black, LTD, London, 1928. (Includes pictures and history of Dalzell House, Motherwell, Lanarkshire, and The Binns, Abercorn, Linlithgowshire.)

Harrison, John. The Scot in Ulster, Sketch of the History of the Scottish Population of Ulster, 1888. (one of my favorite resources.)

Johnson, Patricia Givens. William Preston and the Allegheny Patriots. Walpa Publishing, Blacksburg, VA 1976.

Kegley, B. F. Kegley’s Virginia Frontier-The Beginning of the Southwest-The Roanoke of Colonial Days-1740-1783. The Southwest Virginia Historical Society, Roanoke, VA, 1938.

Lists James Delzell and Robert Dalzell p.497; James Dalzell-473, Richard Dalzell-542, Thomas Dalzell-540. Much research can be done here.

Kennedy, Billy. The Scots-Irish in the Hills of Tennessee. Causway Press.1995.

Kercheval, Samuel. A History of the Valley of Virginia. C. J. Carrier Co. Harrisonburg, Virginia, 1994.

Leyburn, James G. The Scotch Irish, A Social History. Chapel Hill, The University of North Carolina Press,1961. (“This admirable book takes a fresh and frank look at the Scotch-Irish,” Journal of Presbyterian History)

Messick, Hank. King’s Mountain, The Epic of the Blue Ridge “Mountain Men” in the American Revolution. Little, Brown, and Co., Boston, 1976. (One of my favorite books about a magnificent battle won by the Scotch -Irish.)

Ramsey, J. G. M. Annals of Tennessee to the End of the Eighteenth Century, Comprising Its Settlement as The Watauga Association, A part of North Carolina, The State of Franklin, A Part of North CArolina, The Territory of the U. States South of the Ohio, and The State of Tennessee. The Overmountain Press, Johnson City, Tennessee, 1853.

Tindell, Ted. Blount County, Communities we live In. The Brazos Press,
Maryville, TN 1973.

Thomas, Jane Kizer. Blount County, Tennessee, Deeds, Deed Book 1, 1795-1819. (Includes Delzells and related families)

Thomas, Jane Kizer. Editor, Our Ancestry, Family Records of Members of Blount County Tennessee Genealogical and Historical Society, Blount County Genealogical & Historical Society, Maryville, TN.,1988. (Many relatives of Delzell family)

Whiteley, Edythe Rucker, Marriages of Blount County, Tennessee, 1795 - 1859, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1982. (Includes many Delzell marriages)

Williams, John Hoyt. Sam Houston, A Biography of the Father of Texas. Simon & Schuster, New York, 1993. (Sam Houston lived near the Delzells of Blount County.)

Williams,, Samuel Cole. History of the Lost State of Franklin, The Press of the Pioneers, New York, 1933. (My GGGgrandfather John Delzell and Margaret McFaren were married on July 7, 1785 in the short-lived “state” of Franklin).

Wilson, Howard McKnight, . The Tinkling Spring Headwater of Freedom, A Study of the Church and Her People, 1732-1952, The Tinkling Spring and Hermitage Presbyterian Churches, Virginia, 1954.

                Reference from Family Members
(. I have received many letters, Emails and family histories which have been very helpful. There are too many to thank individually except for a few extensive family histories which are listed below. I have included my reference( “MyRef” numbers) so I can located the reference if necessary.

Baird, Mrs. Norman. Robert Delzell Family 125 Years Since Settling in Louisa Co.,Iowa, 1848 - 1973.(MyRef 325).This is an outstanindg Family history and genealogy with over 80 pages of stories and genealogy.  It is fully indexed and refers to the DELZELLS of Louisa Co., IA.

There may be copies in Iowa libraries. It deals with one of the few families that spell their name DELZELL, which makes me think they are closely related to the Blount Co. Delzells.

This family is included in this website under the heading "Robert(1800-1874) Morningsun, IA"

Chapman, Mary Lou. Descendants of Thomas Dalzell (1750-1832) (MyRef 602). This a complete genealogy of the Kentucky  descendants of Thomas Dalzell (1750-1832) who was born in Ballymoney, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. It is included in this website under the heading "Thomas(1750-31)Nicholas Co., KY"

Dalzell, W. A. Several letters 1932-1940 giving family histories and other interesting details of the name Dalzell. Also his great poem(MyRef 81)

Dalzell, Winefred Carleton. The Dalzell (Delzell) Genealogy 1958. A Genealogical History of some of the Ancestors of Charles A. Dalzell and his Descendants. 51 pages fully indexed.Traces the Tennessee Delzells back to James Dalzell of Botetourt Co. Virginia(MyRef 293)

Delzell, Clifford H. “To provide our children and Grandchildren an incentive to cherish and preserve their American Heritage. Dedicated to ROD, 21 pages of genealogy and family history related to the family of Robert Delzell,1st son of John Delzell (1756-1807)(MyRef 304)

Delzell, Mary Ogg (Mrs. William Newton Delzell). Family of James Delzell b. 1794. 14 pages of the Davis and Delzell families, Hastings Nebraska, March 17, 969. (MyRef 310)

Fram, Winnie Delzell. Numerous letters describing family history in the early days in Indiana and Nebraska.17 references to family history and genealogy. Wonderfulstories of Nebraska.

Garner, Bert. Many letters with fascinating details of his own adventures in the Smoky Mountains.

Gerlack, Sherry. Descendants of William Delzell, born in Ireland before 1800.(MyRef 575)

Glass, Jean Ann Giffin. Family of William and Hannah Wilson Giffin of Londonderry Ireland. (MyRef 702)

Hurt, Ruth Dauwalder Earl. Children of James Harvey Delzell and their children. (MyRef 307)

McJohn, James F. The McCulley Brothers of Blount co., TN. (MyRef 366)

Mize, Max and Jimmie. For their help in securing John Delzell’s gravestone and protecting the Hamil cemetery which is on their property.

Mize, Max and Jimmie. For their help in securing John Delzell’s gravestone and cemeteryxs
Rogers, Mary Gale. Scroggs and Delzell Families. (MyRef 620)
Swift, Barbara. The Giffin and Delzell Families. (MyRef 650)

Rogers, Mary Gale. Scroggs and Delzell Families. (MyRef 620)

Swift, Barbara. The Giffin and Delzell Families. (MyRef 650)

Templeton, Dorothy. A wondeful compilation of family history with many photos mostly related to the Indiana Delzells and their descendants through Solomon and William Newton Delzell.( MyRef. 1104.)

Wilson, Enoch Harper. Includes William Newton Delzell and Brownell family (MyRef 327)

Wiltshire, Margaret Lyman L. Genealogy of William A. Delzell. (MyRef 322)

Wherrell, Betty. Descendants of Joseph Wilson, Sr. Includes Wilsons, Tedords, Hamil and Delzell (MyRef 954)


I have received many letters, Emails and family histories which have been very helpful. There are too many to thank individually except for a few extensive family histories which are listed below:
















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