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If you are not familiar with ROOTSWEB click on their link at bottom of page and get acquainted. They are providing the genealogy world with outstanding services to further enhance our family research. Among the many valuable services they provide are mail lists to various surnames, one of which is our Denney mail list. My LINKS page contains several direct links to Rootsweb pages of concern to Denneys/Dennys.

If you use HTML or RICHTEXT in sending and receiving your mail, you MUST turn off HTML-RICHTEXT and use plain text when you subscribe and/or post messages to the Denney List. The server can not read this type mail and sends your mail back. You must also turn off automatic signatures.

You may receive Denney List messages in either of two formats

Several postings are combined and sent out at one time.

MAIL MODE: Messages are sent on as they are posted, this is the most common method used.

To subscribe to MAIL MODE: Address a message to, put absolutely nothing in the body of your message except the word subscribe.

It is my intent with this page to introduce you to the "Rootsweb Denney Mail List". If you are researching Denney/Denny and associated families, being a member of this list is a must. It is simple to subscribe to the Mail List and once you do, all E-Mail concerning these families automatically comes to you. You can then post queries and share data with other people researching the same lines.


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Is the "LIST OWNER" (coordinator), should you ever have problems with these procedures, or want more information on the Denney List, click on her name to E-Mail her with a request for assistance. You may also email her at

To subscribe to DIGEST MODE: Address a message to, put absolutely nothing in the body of your message except the word subscribe.

You may click on either of the above at this time to subscribe,
again, just type in the word subscribe.

More information on using the lists may be found at Rootsweb

Please observe that upper and lower case lettering is used as shown above

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