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Please note: These are not completely up to date with my research. The descendant charts are more complete.

Click the photo to see the first family tree chart.

Continuing branches from this tree chart:

2. Heffelfinger - begins with Martin Van Buren Heffelfinger b.1836

3. Imhoff - begins with Ellen L. Imhoff b.1841

4. Hanes - begins with George William Hanes b.1828

5. Altenburg - begins with Harriet Emeline Altenburg b.1840

6. Harrington - begins with George Orville Harrington b. 1850

7. Mills - begins with Caroline "Carrie" Amelia Mills b.1849

8. Conaway - begins with Charles J. Conaway b. 1842

9. Yarbrough - begins with Eliza Ellen Yarbrough b.1847

10. Teachman - begins with Sidney Teachman b. 1862

11. Bailey - begins with Sarah Elizabeth "Libby" Bailey b. 1867

12. Norwood - begins with William Dorus Hatch Norwood b. 1844

13. Schaffner - begins with Mary Barbara Schaffner b. 1865 * this chart is not up to date.  Her mother's side, Matilda Shaff, can be traced back to William Shaff b.1754 Germany who fought in the American Revolution as a Private, New York militia